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Take your Shopify store headless in days, not months.

We believe the benefits of headless commerce should be in reach for all Shopify merchants. Penny makes it possible to go headless for about the same investment as a customized Shopify 2.0 theme.

Why go headless?

Headless commerce helps you take complete control of your tech stack.

The bottom line is direct to consumer merchants want higher conversions, increased AOV, and higher LTV. Penny gets you there faster so your storefront can leverage the core benefits headless commerce provides.

Faster Site Performance

100s on your Lighthouse scores are no longer a dream. With Penny, the promise of speed and performance is realized.

Front-End Freedom

Complete creative control of your customer experience. Improve conversion and lower cost of acquisition with experiences that drive 1st party data collection.

Best of Breed

A modern approach for modern brands. Leverage the tools and platforms that fit your brand's needs.

Why Penny?

We’ve built many successful headless sites the hard way, so we knew there had to be a better way.

Pre-built Integrations

Pre-built Integrations

Use the Shopify apps you already love (e.g. Recharge, Gorgias, Kalviyo, LoylatyLion, Trustpilot and many more).

Shopify + Next.js

Shopify + Next.js

Leveraging two industry leading frameworks that your marketing and developers will equally love.

Manage with Ease

Manage with Ease

Keep merchandising your storefront all within the Shopify UI love and extend the rest of your content using our best of breed headless CMS.

Rich Content Pages

Rich Content Pages

Every product has a story. Make sure you tell it. Built in support for content rich product detail pages, landing pages and general pages.

Near instant page loads

Near instant page loads

Instantly fast right out of the box. Our Google Lighthouse scores prove it.

Higher Search Rankings

Higher Search Rankings

SEO best practices built-in the site development process from the ground up.

Experience demo store

Developers and Agencies

Developers and Agencies

Simplifying the tech stack will set you free and accelerate your development process.

The integration and flexibility you want in a commerce frontend, all under one roof.

Shopify Admin and Storefront APIs

Customer data, product info and payment processing all deeply integrated.

OpenID for identity management with NextAuth

Plugs right into Customer Auth for Shopify Plus storefronts.


Keeps forms secure.

Next.js core

Leveraging the Industry leading framework as the frontend application.

Apollo Client

For efficient GraphQL queries against TakeShape's API mesh.


For optimized component state management.


For rapid UI prototyping and review.

Tailwind CSS

For beautiful styles with large community support and resources.


For reliable React component testing.


For code style and quality.

TypeScript from back to front

Ensures a type-safe codebase.

GraphQL Codegen

Extends type-safety to all your GraphQL queries.


For frontend end-to-end testing and API service mocking.


For SEO and browser performance metrics.

Ready to get started?

Go headless with Penny for about the same investment as a typical Shopify 2.0 cutom theme upgrade.

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